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Staging Your Home for Potential Buyers

Are you considering selling your home ? Work with a team of Southlake realtors to ensure that you receive the best possible price for your property. Your realtor can offer some pointers on listing your home on MLS and staging your home for potential buyers. Even if you've scrupulously maintained your home, you might be surprised at the effect a few more small touches can have on potential buyers and their offers.

preparing a home to sell

Spruce Up the Exterior

Your realtor is likely to recommend sprucing up the exterior of your home to improve its curb appeal. Quite often, people interested in buying a home will drive by MLS listings before deciding whether to evaluate the interior or not. Entice them by hiring someone to power wash the exterior and apply a fresh coat of paint to the siding, doors, and fence. Make sure any features that have sustained wear and tear are fixed, such as the gutters. Then, mow the lawn regularly, remove all yard debris, mulch the flower beds, and add some attractive features to the porch, such as flower baskets and a new welcome mat.

Remove All Clutter

After you've spruced up the exterior, it's time to tackle the interior. Rent a storage unit and move all of your clutter there. Keep your extraneous furniture in storage, in addition to family pictures, knickknacks, and personal wall hangings. However, it's a good idea to keep a few neutral pieces of artwork on the walls. Remember to fix any damaged interior features, such as replacing worn-out countertops, faucets, and grout.

Invest in a Cleaning Service

Realtors highly recommend hiring a cleaning service to scrub your home thoroughly before showing it off to any parties who are interested in buying a home. It's also a good idea to have someone shampoo your carpets or polish your wood floors until they gleam.

Arrange Minimal Furnishings

Your realtor will advise against showing a completely empty house when selling a home. Carefully arranged, minimal furnishings can help buyers imagine the potential of the space. However, your home shouldn't have so many pieces of furniture and decorative items that it feels cluttered. Instead, arrange the furniture to encourage an open, spacious feeling. Add some impersonal yet homey touches, such as candlesticks on the mantel, fresh flowers on the table, and a bowl of lemons on the counter.