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Choosing the Right Selling Price for Your Home

If you're ready to sell a home, you may be wondering how to price it. There is an art to choosing the right selling price for your home. Overpricing will scare buyers away, while underpricing could leave you vulnerable when you go hunting for your new home. How do you get the price just right?

how to price your home

Start by talking to a Southlake realtor. Realtors know the local market inside and out and understand trends for your neighborhood. To be competitive, it's important to be priced closely to similar properties, or buyers will overlook your home. If you've made renovations to your home, keep in mind that they may boost your property value, but you can't just add in the entire cost of your renovation bill to your asking price. Instead, you can use your renovations to make your home sell faster than similar properties without the same upgrades.

When you're selling a home, take your realtor's market analysis under careful consideration before setting your asking price. Inflating your price will only leave your home sitting on the market for longer.