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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

If you recently finished selling your home and purchased a new house, you're probably spending most of your time packing and unpacking boxes. But after buying a home with the help of MLS listings, give some thought to making it feel like your home. Although your Southlake realtor undoubtedly walked you through every nook and cranny of the property, it can take a little while to adjust to a change in surroundings. Your realtor may recommend a local interior designer to help you arrange the house to your liking and make it feel more personal. After decorating, get to know your new neighbors and enjoy the local attractions.

how to make your house a home

Indulge in Your Favorite Design Schemes

Buying a home is an opportunity to decorate the entire property to suit your unique personality. Your first step is to choose your ideal color palette. Although colors can vary from room to room, it's a good idea to maintain continuity by keeping most of the walls and furniture within the same color palette. Arrange the furniture so that your home maintains a natural flow and offers points of congregation for your guests. Then, select accessories for each room. Choose tall, elegant candlesticks to add height to the space, vases of flowers to improve the ambience, and throw pillows with pops of color to complement the furniture. Decorating your new house to fit your preferences will help it feel like a home in no time.

Explore Nearby Attractions

Meet new friends in the area by visiting local stores. Go window shopping or visit a nearby coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone at a neighboring table. Pamper yourself at a spa, sign up for cooking classes, or stroll through a nearby park. These are all excellent ways to get to know your new neighborhood and to meet some new people in your area. Also, your realtor can be a good source of information beyond buying and selling homes through MLS—consider him or her a local expert on what makes the area great.

Invite Your Neighbors to a Housewarming Party

Throwing a housewarming party and showing off your new property can help you feel right at home. Invite your new neighbors to celebrate buying your dream home, and ask them about local social events and groups you might be interested in.