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A Buyer's Guide to Finding a Dream Home

dream home, mortgage, residential group, southlake real estateCould that piece of property for sale near Keller that you have your eye on actually be your dream home? Everyone imagines finally finding a house for sale that meets all of the pictures they have in their heads of the perfect place to live, but actually finding that dream home is about more than being able to afford the mortgage payments. If you are in the market for a dream property for sale, here’s how to make your search easier.

Know What You Want

Have you taken the time to consider what your dream home really looks like? Maybe you your want four bedrooms and a big yard but can live without those things if the house is Victorian, or perhaps your dream home starts with a cook’s kitchen. Be very specific about the features you can’t live without in your house and the ones you are willing to compromise on. Having a list of must-haves in mind will narrow your search and help you avoid jumping for a property that you like but that doesn’t really meet all of your criteria in the long run.

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Pre-qualifying for a mortgage simply means that if certain information is proven to be true, then you will be able to get a mortgage. A real estate mortgage pre-approval means that your lender has verified all of your application information and will offer you a loan of a specific amount. Without a pre-approval, you won’t know for sure if you can really buy your dream house when you find it.

Don’t Overlook Location

A perfect house in a location you don’t love won’t be perfect once the newness wears off. Choose a home in a neighborhood that has amenities you will enjoy. If you are unsure about the feel of a certain area, your real estate agent can help you get a better idea of neighborhood amenities and find a place that meets your needs.

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