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Insider Tips on Selling Your Home

home for sale, southlake sell homeWhat makes one house for sale near Southlake move fast while another one in the same area languishes on the market? In many cases, the answer has nothing to do with the property itself but other steps the buyer has taken to make their house for sale look like the ultimate bargain. If you are ready to advertise your property for sale, these tips will help you get a sale fast.

Find the Right Agent

The right real estate agent is absolutely essential when you are selling your home. Find an agent that knows your town and your neighborhood specifically. Ask him or her about past sales and how he or she plans to advertise your property. A tech-savvy agent who uses the latest technology and stays up to date on MLS search listings is in the best position to sell your house quickly. Once you have the right agent, listen to his or her advice, especially when it comes to pricing and staging your home.

Think like a Buyer

Buyers aren’t looking to see how you lived in your house—they want to imagine how they would live there. As much as you can, make you home a blank canvas. Paint the walls neutral colors, stow any dramatic artwork, and strip down to the necessities so buyers can envision their own style in your space. You can also address the ever-important question of storage by removing some of your clothing from your closets so they look half-empty instead of full. Small, inexpensive upgrades like replacing fixtures can also make a dramatic difference.

Always Be Ready for Show Time

Keeping your home ready for buyers to see at all times can be a little stressful, but it is worth it in the end if your property for sale moves fast. That means keeping your home neat and tidy all the time so you’re ready to open your door to potential buyers at a moment’s notice.

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